Invention prepares kids with the skills and confidence to be curious, to experiment, to be resilient and to explore ideas. Invention truly empowers the next generation of thinkers.

These educational craft kits are a great learning tool for young minds. Each kit poses a challenge, introduces the steps to invention and provides the supplies the child needs to solve each challenge in a fun and unique way. They teach critical thinking, research, and problem solving skills through creative and open-ended play. Kids will learn to overcome challenging obstacles while having fun and using their imagination!

Invent a Motorized Robot

You need help with chores or maybe even your homework. Use the instructional booklet to follow the Spark!Lab invention process to think up and invent a battery-powered robot to help you!

Invent Terrific Toys

You and your cousin have played every game and now he wants to play something new. Here is your chance to invent a new game and make up your own rules! 

Inventor's Studio

You always wanted to invent something but didn't know hot to get started. Everything you need is here to get you on the journey of invention.

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